Department of Fashion Design, Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology (GGNIMT), Ghumar Mandi organised the sixth symposium on “Emerging Trends in Fashion World Amid Covid-19”.

The symposium was attended by more than four hundred fashion experts, designers, fashion design students and teachers apart from industry professionals from all over the world.


Dr SP Singh and Arvinder Singh, president and general secretary, Gujranwala Khalsa Educational Council expressed hope that the discussions among academia and industry professionals always lead to better ideas for future.


Prof Manjit S Chhabra, director, GGNIMT welcomed everyone. While addressing the virtual gathering he said that the outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted the lifestyles, occupations, businesses and economies. Many sectors have stumbled over the impact that this pandemic has brought. Businesses have had to re-strategise, temporarily shut down or pivot offerings to stay afloat during these times. It seems that no industry or region has been untouched by the major upheaval COVID-19 has caused throughout the global economy. And the fashion industry has not been immune too. To cope up with these issues designers are also using online platforms to showcase their brands and products, he added.

A budding fashion entrepreneur will have to think beyond books and magazines. Following the other designers can help a little more, but watching cinema is the key these days. This was emphasized by Harpreet Narula, the famous fashion designer who also designed costumes for the iconic movie ‘Padmavat’. He was one of the resource persons of the symposium. He quoted the Indian fashion industry, though it accounts inadequate in the world market, but it has just rolled over to the growth stage. He opined that the current size of the Indian fashion industry is worth billions.

Another resource person,  Ms. Roli Gupta, an established fashion entrepreneur from New Delhi talked about skills of entrepreneurship and advised fashion businesses to keep the hopes alive as markets like China, India and other major nations are bound to bounce back sooner than later. She said that India is the fifth largest exporter of textile and apparels in the world. The textile and apparel industry is the second largest employment generating industry after agriculture in India. She expressed her views that Covid -19 has adversely affected this sector. She added that brands around the world have been forced to hit the pause button on their original marketing plans and quickly adjust their messaging, operations and daily interactions with customers in an effort to keep people safe and healthy. She exclaimed with hope that these times of crisis have not only initiated a shift in consumer mindset but also presented new opportunities to the fashion world to do further experimentation. She said that survival is only possible in the fashion world if customers could be retained through online merchandising.

Dr. Harpreet Singh, Principal GGNIMT thanked all the resource persons and said that this symposium intends to give a platform to deliberate how the fashion world is emerging in the wake of COVID-19 and how new trends could be set during this pandemic. The Ludhiana fashion industry may take a lead as always done through the times of crises, he hoped.

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