Persona, the Personality development Club of Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Management & Technology (GGNIMT), Civil Lines Ludhiana organized an interactive webinar on “Future Forward- Decoding Employability Skills”. Ms. Raahat , Soft Skills Trainer and Image Consultant was the resource person for the day.

Prof. Manjit Singh Chhabra, Director GGNIMT welcomed the guest and asserted that the students must be taught employability skills as it is not the unemployment but the unemployability which is a bigger crisis today. He highlighted that one’s education and experience may only be enough to qualify for a job, but to be successful in most roles, one will need employability skills that will equip them to carry out their roles in the company to the best of their abilities.

Ms. Raahat, in her introductory remarks built the need for improving the employability skills to thrive well in this competitive world. She explained that the employability skills are actually the building blocks of any career, that makes one employable across various roles, sectors, and industries.  She further added that In today’s world, where jobs are limited, employers enjoy more options and would like to hire an employee who already has these skills before hiring, because they are much harder to teach. Ms. Raahat emphasized on Communication, Teamwork, Planning & Organizing, Self-Management, Problem Solving, Initiative, Technology Skills and Life Long Learning as essential skills to climb up the ladder of success. She discussed in length the power of each of these employability skills by quoting various examples and anecdotes.

Ms. Raahat motivated the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses. She further focussed on working  on one’s weaknesses and quoting their strengths on their resumes in the most appealing manner.

Dr. Parvinder Singh, Principal GGNIMT thanked Ms. Raahat for introducing the dimension of  ‘Employability Skills’ as an opportunity to grow and thrive in one’s career path. He advised the students to take this opportunity to upskill themselves for a fulfilling journey ahead.

The webinar received an overwhelming response with participants enthusiastically interacted with the resource person during the question answer segment.

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