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When there are media reports from various cities of india associated with incidents of aggressive behaviour among students, it is not difficult to ignore the concern by teachers’ fraternity. To formally discuss the changing behavioural patterns of students towards, aggression, GGN Institute of Management Technology (GGNIMT), Ghumar Mandi organized Dialogue – 2018 in which about 30 Principals, Teachers, Counselors, Senior students of various schools of Ludhiana participated.

Dr. B.P. Mishra, Prof. & Head, Department of Clinical Psychology, Dayanand Medical College & Hospital conducted a workshop to understand and solve the aggressive behaviour among the young children. He said that aggressive behavioral formation is linked to many societal parameters like exposure to media, entertainment sources, excessive communication among peer groups and lack of communication among members of the family. He suggested regular and expert counseling as a solution apart from meaningful roles of teachers and parents through their timely observations.

Dr. S.P. Singh, Eminent Educationist and Former Vice-Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar lauded the efforts of the college for organizing such an event which has very high significance considering the upcoming challenges in this regard. He emphasized on timely reporting and treatment of aggressive behavior by parents and teachers as an important recipe for solutions.

In open house sessions, the Principals of various schools raised many issues like lack of quality time spent by working parents, lack of morals and value systems due to nuclear family setups, Lack of physical activities amongst students, lack of child’s expression, etc. Dr Mishra advised many solutions for specific situations. He advised the parents to motivate their kids to vent out their emotions, good or bad with them and without lecturing them at that moment. He also recommended child’s involvement in the process of decision making at home.

While introducing the event, Dr. Harpreet Singh, Principal, GGNIMT said that the aggressive behaviour among children is not a new problem, but the expression of aggression has turned very violent. The teachers’ fraternity must be well trained so that the problem is recognized in right perspective and timely solutions are provided. Our youth is treasure of our nation and teachers have a responsibility to take care of the same, he added.

Prof Manjit Singh Chhabra, Director, GGNIMT said the initiative to discuss the problem of aggressive behaviour is not just a one-off event, rather a beginning of purposeful campaign to nurture the society. He expressed his worries that the violent aggression has been a problem primarily among college and university students, but now the emergence of violence among school students is a matter of high concern. He also proposed vote of thanks to the participants and resource person for making the event meaningful. Gursharan Singh Narula, President, GKEC and Dr. S. P Singh, Hony. Gen. Sec., GKEC presided over the felicitation ceremony and appreciated the Principals, Teachers and students for their enthusiastic participation.

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