The students of  NSS Club and Thinkers’ Forum of Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Management & Technology (GGNIMT), Civil Lines organized a signature campaign on the occasion of “ Army Day”. The students took the initiative of visiting city schools along with a few army officers to sensitize the youth about the importance of Indian Army in the life of an Indian Citizen.

The signature campaign indented to sensitize educational institutions, passerbys, youth and everyone around to commemorate this day with the same spirit and fervor as we do on Independence Day or Republic Day.

Dr. Harpreet Singh, Principal, GGNIMT said that the best a civilian can do on this day is to appreciate and remember the innumerable scarifies the army does to protect its nation. He said,   “Their efforts help us live the lives of peace and security that we experience every day.”

As the part of the signature campaign, the GGNIMT students along with a few faculty members and army officers visited 5 different schools of the region (Sacred Heart Convent school, Sarbha Nagar, KVM , RS Model School, Malwa Khalsa Girls Sr. Sec. School, BVM Kitchlu Nagar And BVM Udham Singh Nagar ) and paid tribute  to the brave soldiers, both living and martyred, who risk and sacrifice their lives to protect us.

The school children were made  to put their signatures on the banner that read “WE SHOW RESPECT AND LOVE TO INDIAN ARMY”. The children were told about the arduous life the soldiers experience for the sake of our safety. The children were moved by the facts shared by the GGNIMT team.  One of the students said that “I bow down to their courage and bravery,”, while another said “ My utmost respect to all the soldiers and their families. I am falling short of words to express how thankful we are for the sacrifices they do for us” .

The Principals at various Schools appreciated the efforts of GGNIMT in raising the awareness amongst the school children. They also applauded the zeal of the teachers and GGNIMtians who walked all the way to the school carrying banners and shoutuing slogans.

Prof. Manjit Singh Chhabra , Director, GGNIMT said that this day must be celebrated every year to honour and remember our country’s soldiers who set the greatest example of selfless service , brotherhood and  love for the country. 

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