More than 300 participants including students, professionals, academicians and technocrats across the globe joined the session on Digital Marketing that has transformed most of the businesses like retail, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and media and continues to invade new territories.

Prof. Manjit Singh Chhabra, Director, GGNIMT welcomed the eminent guests & participants. He said that digital marketing has created new opportunities for all businesses and in fact has influenced all aspects of the economic environment.It has transformed all the marketing strategies because of extensive penetration of digital media, he stressed.

While delivering the rationale of the Webinar, Prof. Satinderjit Singh,head, department of computer applications discussed the opportunities in the Sector. It is very interesting to understand how the Internet enables anyone to showcase his or her skills without creating very big organisations or spending huge sums of money, he added. He also dwelt on the nitty gritties of success in digital marketing.

Harjee Kapur, Innovative strategies & Digital transformation, FAVCY, New Delhi talked about the myths in Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising being the field that anyone can enter into and be successful. He clarified, that operating social media does not mean you can do digital marketing. Such amateur work will not be accepted by the market and will not lead to success, he clarified. What is rather more important is to understand that scientific domain for which an organisation wants to leverage, it must hire experts or create an ecosystem that creates powerful brands. Compromising with costs or quality of talent does not lead to success. “Though it is important for all organisations to have a digital presence, having that presence by itself will not lead to success, it is important to create good quality content and then hope that it becomes viral”, he said.

Vishal Sood, Lead Quality Assurance Analyst at OneShield Software, Gurugram, Haryana highlighted by focusing on the process that needs to be followed for Digital Marketing. He explained to the participants the end to end processes for creating a digital presence and also further developing it on an ongoing basis to ensure that benefits accrue to the organisation for great results. He touched upon the different roles and functions that need to be performed for digital marketing. He also advised the participants to explore and innovate keeping the analytics, metrics in mind.

Arushi Gupta, analyst, Axtria India Pvt Ltd., Gurugram, Haryana elaborated on important aspects of digital marketing expertise and explained in detail about the different tools of social media marketing. She also shared data about usage of different media aprt from results from different tools in great detail.

Dr. S.P Singh, President, Gujranwala Khalsa Educational Council (GKEC) and former vice- chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar gave the valedictory remarks. He said, “The era of Digital marketing has benefitted a large number of different kinds of businesses in many ways. The digital marketing has demolished all the physical boundaries. Any one with good skills can earn money within a short span of time and zero investments.”

Dr. Parvinder Singh, HOD, Business Management GGNIMT, proposed the vote of thanks to all the eminent speakers for sparing their valuable time and spoke that Digital marketing strategies are acting as a very powerful tool in this virtual world.

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