Our Clubs


NSS Club

To channelize the energies and capabilities of the youth towards nation building activities, NSS Unit organizes awareness seminars and events to sensitize the students about their social responsibilities.

Entrepreneueship Club

Entrepreneurial development today has become very significant; in view of its being a key to economic development. Entrepreneurs are, thus, the seeds of industrial development and the fruits of the same are greater employment opportunities to unemployed youth, higher standard of living and increased individual savings. The Entrepreneurship Club organizes entrepreneurial activities and awareness seminars to nurture the budding entrepreneurs.

Persona - Personality Development Club

Personality is one of the most important thing in the life of a person that determines not only his professional success but also his overall attitude and behaviour in life. PERSONA organizes sessions to enhance the student’s pattern of thought, attitude, behaviour, communication ability and other personality traits.

Thinkers' Forum- The Debate Club

The Club enables its members to develop the power of deploying rational, reasoned arguments and compelling evidence through regular debate and discussions.

Chef Club

The Club intends to equip the interested students with the nuance of cooking sumptuous meals as it is strongly believed that ‘A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.”

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