The Department of Computer Applications of Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Management & Technology (GGNIMT), Civil Lines Ludhiana organized a webinar on “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning”

More than 200 participants  from BCA and MCA  joined the session to learn how companies across the world are transforming their digital operations to become the world’s most successful tech giants. Mr. Ansh Aneja , Director, Ansh Infotech  & Ms. Kriti Bhatia, AI expert, Ansh Infotech were the resource persons for the day.

Prof. Manjit Singh Chabbra, Director, GGNIMT welcomed the eminent guests & participants to the interactive seminar. He said that, “We’re now living in the age of digital darwinism, where you evolve or you become irrelevant.”  While introducing the event, he said that AI impacts innovation in all sectors of the economy, including traditional one digital marketing, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, entertainment, etc.

Mr. Ansh Aneja deliberated in length on “Artificial Intelligence and its profound applications”. He dealt in detail on the current developments in AI and its numerous career aspects associated with it. He explained the science behind the working of Alexa and self-driving cars.  He also highlighted in detail  the terms ‘Deep Learning’, ‘Machine Learning’ and  ‘Data Sciences’. “ The exponential growth of AI is linked to the growth of technologies such as Bigdata, Cloud and  IOT”, said Mr Aneja while talking about the interdependence of the technologies.

Dr. Parvinder Singh, Principal GGNIMT proposed the vote of thanks and concluded the session. He said, “Technology has been shaping the way we work and live for decades. As everything in our world is becoming increasingly digital, new AI based software and applications continue to emerge and arguably make our lives easier in all aspects. ” He motivated the youth to  embrace innovative digital technologies as it  helps save cost, improve efficiency , enhance productivity and maintain competitive advantage apart from ensuring success. He congratulated Prof. Satinderjit Singh, Head, Dept. of Computer Applications  for putting together the event so well.

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